2009 & 2010


Case Study: Culture Map

Intro Title one

CKP Founding Principal Carey Kirkpatrick was hired to lead the design and execution of an integrated marketing plan to gain widespread community awareness for a new media brand built on a digital-only platform, Utilizing traditional and grassroots tactics, she helped to build unique readership to more than 750k/unique users per month in less than two years. Simultaneously, she executed a revenue generating events vertical (from designing and selling sponsorships to event design and implementation), as well as a community relations vertical for community partners that simultaneously marketed brand technology, services and offerings. Additionally, Carey directed the media relations strategy, achieving coverage by all market competitors, and formed strategic media alliances and content partnerships with KTRK, KHOU, Comcast, KHMX, KODA and Houston Press. 


CKP Principal Joel Luks, who served as the arts and entertainment editor for, developed a multi-platform hyperlocal editorial series and content that was keyword density rich, organically driving traffic to the digital publication while nurturing influencer following. Through social media channels that included Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, Vimeo, Periscope, Snapchat and Foursquare (Swarm), the business was able to extend the reach of the brand by offering unique, relevant content with an engaging point of view. Critical to the brand's positioning was launching a rich media strategy through video production, a medium formerly used only in broadcast. This strategy capitalized on a growing trend of mobile video consumption to increase unique visitors and time on site while offering advertisers a forward-thinking space through which to reach target consumers. 


CultureMap became not only a trusted news and entertainment site, but also a model whose technology and strategic assets could be implemented with partners and clients.