Thinking about podcast advertising? Follow these pro tips for effective marketing campaigns

Podcast consumption continues to rise alongside the expansion in the production and diversity of programming both in the fiction and nonfiction categories. Contributing to a growth in listenership are new discovery features in podcasting platforms that make it easier for fans to find and subscribe to relevant content. And as the podcasting community evolves, so does interest in leveraging these platforms for paid campaigns.

CKP CEO and Founder Carey Kirkpatrick, as part of the Forbes Agency Council, shares pro tips on what to consider when creating a holistic advertising campaign that includes podcasting placements. The original article is titled “10 Agency Pros Share Their Best Podcast Advertising Tips.”

CKP on Forbes: Think of the tenor and content of the podcast and ensure you’re matching your ad creative and product or service to the audience’s state of mind as they’re actively listening. If what you’re advertising isn’t related to the podcast thematically or emotionally or the audience doesn’t have a natural affinity for your offerings, then it’s not going to deliver or stand out.