CKP’s Carey Kirkpatrick on Brief: “I believe it is possible to lead and succeed without sacrificing character and kindness to others”


“I believe we live in a world where it is possible – and critical – to lead and to succeed without sacrificing character, kindness to others, trust, honesty and personal values, and those are all beliefs I developed from watching my parents every day.”

This thoughtful personal philosophy and more from CKP CEO and Founder Carey Kirkpatrick are featured in a executive spotlight blog courtesy of Brief, a collaboration and project management tool. The productivity app helps team members focus activities to achieve more.

The Q&A spotlights C-suite leaders and movers and shakers who are disrupting their respective industries and doing great work. At CKP, Carey has led the charge in designing a work environment that nurtures innovating thinking, excellent customer service and award-winning outcomes. In the interview, Carey delves into CKP’s early days and growth path, lessons she learned from her creative family, and the one thing she wished she had learned earlier in her career.

Read Carey Kirkpatrick’s interview on Brief.