When faced with a public relations crisis, follow these tips

CKP CEO and Founder Carey Kirkpatrick, as part of the Forbes Agency Council, shares some tips on crisis communications alongside other public relations, media strategy, creative and advertising executives. The original article is titled “When Faced With A PR Crisis, Follow These Tips From Agency Pros.

Every company must be prepared for the possibility of a public relations crisis. Whether it's a data breach, an executive scandal or just a bad piece of press, any negative event connected to your brand requires a swift and carefully crafted response if you want to keep your reputation intact.

CKP on Forbes: Be honest, open and transparent. If your brand is at fault for a behavior or activity, admit the fault, then swiftly move on. If your brand is part of a larger crisis like a natural disaster, be transparent about everything you're doing to mitigate and address the effects of the situation. If your brand is open and direct with your audience, they'll understand and appreciate your transparency.