Chastang Ford is a 25-year-old Houston car dealership, owned by a family that’s been in the truck business since 1933. After experiencing several months of steady decline in advertising response and effectiveness, CKP was engaged to improve volume to their website, with the ultimate goal of increasing new leads and driving foot traffic in-store. After performing an audit on the Chastang Ford website, digging through Google Analytics metrics and analyzing the existing Adwords campaigns, CKP discovered myriad opportunities for improvement that would directly impact effectiveness of the Search Engine Marketing efforts, and would drive more qualified traffic online and in-store. Chief among the opportunities CKP identified was the need to better utilize the native tools baked in to Google Adwords. Tools like Callouts and Extensions weren’t being used, and campaign targeting techniques like simple demographic and geo-targeting were non-existent.

CKP overhauled the Adwords campaigns to include targeting and ad extensions. To take it a step further, CKP rewrote Adwords scripts to with a focus on reinforcing brand values and brand reputation.

Results proved an overwhelming response to the applied strategy. In a comparative web traffic analysis between January 1, 2017 and July 30, 2017 (seven months, pre-overhaul), and July 31, 2017 through December 31, 2017 (five months, new campaign period), clicks to the Chastang Ford website from Adwords increased by over 752%, site users from Adwords increased 51%, ad impressions increased 5,445% and cost per click dropped from an average of $5.04 to $.65. Further, Chastang Ford saw an immediate lift in sales volume and foot-traffic, directly resulting in qualified leads being driven to the website.